Goodnight everybody

This is Hana. I want to tell with you about my family vacation in Lebaran’s holiday last month. Me, mom, dad and my aunty go to my Mbah’s home at Sumpiuh. You know Sumpiuh guys?  Sumpiuh is located in distric of Banyumas in Center Java. So, if you guys go to Yogyakarta, you will pass through of Sumpiuh. Okay, I’m sorry I can’t tell many about Sumpiuh, but I’ ll tell about my family vacation.

In the first day, when I already in my Mbah’s home. My cousin and I have some planned to go to beach. It’s a Suwuk Beach. Suwuk Beach located in Kebumen. Actually, I have been away go to Suwuk Beach when Miss Kiki’ s wedding in April. So, this is my second time go to Suwuk. In my first time, Suwuk beach very quiet. But, when this time I back to Suwuk, oh my god.. I’m very shock with many people on the beach, so crowded. That situation make me feel really uncomfortable, but I saw my cousin so much fun to be there. Oh yeah, I’m forget to introduce who is he my cousin, so his name is Kana. Yeah Kana is my cousin name, Hana is my name and my username in this website is Hanakana. Why I’m use his name? hmm… it’s secret hahahaha.. I’ll explain my reason in the next post, okay.

I’ll continue to tell about our activity in Suwuk Beach. The weather in the day is so hot, you know condition in 12 o ‘clock right? so, that’s hot. But, my cousin really fun play with waves. He’s rolling bolster in the beach, and it’s really annoying to see that because I’m overheating in there.  Wait a minute, I’ll share his photos.


Kana at Suwuk Beach

See… how much fun his face hahahaha really love and annoying to see it.


Me take refuge in a hat

It’s so different mood, me so fake smile.

okay, let’s continue the story. The conclusion in Suwuk beach is so much fun even though is so hot but it’s okay. I’m really happy too, same with my cousin and all of my family.


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