Hai hai…

Long time no see you in my blog.

This month is very busy for me, last week I went to Ziarah Walisongo, Bali and Lombok for 8 days. It’s so long day far away from my home. Not pure holiday, because I little make research about how to make an itinerary about Ziarah Walisongo, Bali and of course in Lombok. Okay, I’ll tell about my experience about the eight precious day but in the next post. So, I’ll continue about my family vacation part 2.

In the last post, I tell about Suwuk Beach, right?. So, I”ll tell about the next day.

The next day, my cousin Kana and I have a plan going to Dieng Plateu in Wonosobo. But my Mom have a another place going in the day. My mom want to go to Tebing Breksi in Jogjakarta.  So, we are going to Tebing Breksi.

The distance from my Grandma’s home to Tebing Breksi about 160 km and approximately in 5 hours. It’s so far away. We are going to Jogja around 9 o’clock and arrive in Breksi at 4 o’clock. Very long time because in there have some traffic on the road, because it is Eid Holiday so many peoples in Center Java and Jogja.

This is first time I come to Breksi, so I’m very excited about that. Wait, I will share photos of Tebing Breksi. This is it.

Tebing Breksi, Prambanan, Daerah Istimewa Jogjakarta

Yeaaaay, finally I’m in Breksi. Breksi very popular in instagram lately, and it make me curious about Breksi. For my opinion, Breksi is a cliff with beautiful sculpture, and the view in there is so fantastic. And of course have a good place to selfie and wefie. You must going to Tebing Breksi if you come to Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

Oh my god, I’m forget to tell about my cousin hahaha.. My cousin no angry or sad because we’re not going to Dieng. He doesn’t know direction to Dieng so it’s okay ahahaha. He’s so much fun in there. We have many photos in there, and I’ll share wefie photo.

Wefie in Tebing Breksi

That’s a funny wefie, I’m sorry about my not control face hahaha, oh my god look Kana what’s that expresion? so full charming baby lol. That is my family.

We have in Breksi untill night and back to Grandma’s home in midnight till early morning. In the next day, we’re not going in anywhere because very tired about two wonderfull days. So, we just in home, relaxing in the bed and just talk and laugh with our family in grandma’s home.

And the day after tomorrow, we’re back to Jakarta because we have still work in there. Actually so sad to say goodbye with spesial cousin my Kana, but what can we do about it. I’m promise in the next holiday we will go to another place with wonderfull and amazing view.

Holiday is over, back to reality..

Goodbye Kana, and see you soon to the next holiday baby.


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