Dear you..

This is not part of our story about the last story. This is about what happen today. Why you always like that? It’s like give my heart flowers but not really give me that all, just the smell of flowers.

I know we just a friends. Sometimes maybe I feel we really close because you need some people who can hear your problems. And I know, I do that because our friendship. Actually, I like you when we first time meet in the college. But, the time when you have a girlfriend I know that not my time and not my place to be your close friend. I take a step back from you.

Now, I don’t know when I must to go. Because I really missing the moment when you just like crazy people in the chat or we just have time to facial, or we just like acting like Rhoma and Ani, and I have been missing you so much.

I keep thinking how to errasing my feeling to you. How to take a stepback and don’t comeback again. But I don’t have strength for doing that. I really you so much, even I know we have some different.

It’s like stupid person that I write in here. But, someday if you read this, maybe I should with another person that really love me more than I love him. Or , I must smile when I see you happy with another woman who the best morethan me for you.

♡your friend who love you so much


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